Miguel Crunia

I am son of the Atlantic, to whom I pay devotion. Born and raised in A Coruña, where my grandfather worked as wine merchant himself, inheriting the wine bug from him.

Based in Edinburgh since 2012, where I've started to work as sommelier & operations manager in fine dining venues. I've coursed my WSET studies and also got a Master Degree in Wine Corporations management.

Nowadays I'm partner at Fìon, an independent wine consultant company helping wine industrial companies building up their commercial network in Uk.

In November, I've convinced a bunch of Spanish sommeliers living in Edinburgh into setting the very first Spanish Sommelier Association in the UK. And here we are!

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Víctor Ruiz Cordón

I am originally from Algeciras, south of Spain but have been living in the UK for over 10 years.


I can not say that I have links with the wine world since I was a kid like many other sommeliers. In my case I got the wine bug when I left University and started working seasonally in Restaurants in my home town. I got then really interested in everything around this world.


When I was 23 I moved to London and met several people in the industry that inspired me and decided to take the WSET courses, starting with level 2 until last year when I successfully completed the WSET Diploma. It's been a long journey since I've started in Hospitality where I have met great people with one thing in common: passion.

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Elena P. Arcos

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Sergio Tena

I was born and raised in the quiet and peaceful region of Extremadura (Spain).


I studied law at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). I am an observant and calm person who found a passion for wine through meals and talks with his father and thanks to the fortune of having been able to work with Víctor Ruiz, today a friend and partner.


Follower of the KISS philosophy (keep it simple. Stupid) and the teachings of Béla Hamvas (Prešov, 1897- Budapest, 1968) “Drinking is the closest relative of love. That came to us like a liquid kiss ... "

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After studying Hospitality Management I was completely fascinated about the world of wine. I loved the purity with it is transmitted generation after generation.

I am focused and determined to evolve with time, as every good wine. I came to UK to learn more about wine, and to promote its world and culture. 

This is only the first step, as I would love to continue traveling and discovering as many viticultural places as I can. 

The road is not easy... and life is to short to be drinking bad wine...

I grew up between vineyards in the heart of Ribera del Duero region.

I've been working within the industry for 23 years. I've started in "Casa Ojeda" and I've co-owned since then some iconic local restaurants as: 24 La Paloma, Posada del Pintor & Tábula Gastro Bar.

Wine is my life & whisky my passion. 

I've been living in Edinburgh since 2018 where I worked at Divino Enoteca, creating tight bonds with what I love the most: Wine. 


Edu Marina

Spanish - Japanese born in Madrid and living in Scotland for the last 13 years. 


I've finished my "Marketing in Wine" studies in Edinburgh and Bordeaux in 2010. Last year, I  started a wine events company, Buena Pinta. I also coursed my Spanish Wine Scholar studies.

I believe that it’s the perfect time to switch from drinking mass produced wines to winemakers offering not just a nice glass of wine. 


I also believe that the average wine aficionado just knows the tip of the iceberg of the wide and rich Spanish wine world. Spain has still a lot to offer to wine lovers in the UK so be ready to be surprised.

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Gonzalo Elorza

I consider myself a product of irony. Coming from a wine country such as Spain, it's not been until I reached these shores that I met those who would make me join this ride on nuances.


The caring for those, "behind the scenes" stories, which turn sipping into today's nearly only way of traveling to those unknown places, from the other side of the glove to a neighbour's doorstep I had never set eyes on. 


Wine not?

What a joke...

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