Edinburgh 2020

Born in November 2020, the Spanish Sommelier Association is the very first of its kind in the UK.

We are a young group of Spanish Sommeliers based in Edinburgh who had joined their voices to promote the work of unique Spanish Viñateros.


Let's face it, our greatest pending task as Spaniards is gaining good communicative skills to promote the value of a new wave of wine producers who are recovering forgotten local varieties and, highlighting those emerging regions which will give birth to the classic wines of the future.

We are fed up with big-volume brands. We thank them as they are necessary to democratize the consumption of wine within a low-profile market in an approachable way but... Spanish viticultural scene is much more than that! No wonder why UK market considers us as a country only able to produce cheap pours.

It's time to re-educate oenophiles. Everyone can make a technologically correct wine of just sufficient quality to mass supply supermarket's shelves, but not everyone is able to craft wines with personality and that's precisely what we have to communicate. Spanish true viticulture is about building up a legacy sustained on a mystic symbiosis between land, climate, vines & the viñatero's philosophy. 

 Make some room in your cellar for all the  Spanish wines that you will discover by joining us in this peculiar wine adventure. Are you ready?

Miguel Crunia

Founder of the Spanish Sommelier Association

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